A woman on a green couch next to her sullen small daughter.


Bedwetting can be a challenge for many school-age children and their families.

Bed-wetting Advice Overview

Bedwetting can be a challenge for many school-age children and their families.

Fortunately, the issue often resolves itself over time or responds well to treatment. While bedwetting can persist into adolescence, understanding, timely bedwetting advice, and medical intervention can lead to a successful resolution.

  • Developmental Understanding: Acknowledging bedwetting as a typical developmental stage for numerous children, the centre’s healthcare professionals offer empathetic advice and assurance to families that patience and proper management often lead to natural resolution.
  • Management and Treatment Approaches: The clinic provides a spectrum of interventions to assist with bedwetting, including behavioural strategies, moisture alarms, and, if necessary, medicinal treatments, all tailored to the individual needs of the child.
  • Personalised Assistance for Ongoing Cases: For cases persisting into older childhood and adolescence, our experts deliver customised support and medical advice, factoring in the child’s emotional and physical development, to effectively address and resolve bedwetting.

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